the great rockabilly-survival (3)


Our mission is easy to understand but seems hard to put into practice.

We said, we did.

Joe Dee & his JetTones were the last rockabillies standing on September 29, 2020 live open air at Wallensteinplatz, Vienna.

Joe Dee & his JetTones will be one of the first rockabillies raising again on (as far as we could say now)

May 20, 2021 20:30 at Saloon Donauplex, Wagramer Straße 79, 1220 Wien.

We´re not back – we´ve never been away!

Rock´n´Roll is here to stay.

Keeping it alive means keeping it “live”. No compromises.

Unprejudiced passersby are waiting for what´s coming up next in September 2020.