We try to be average. But we don’t always succeed…


In disreputable juke joints of vintage … bounding rocket-men like this were slapped on the back and pronounced to have `gotten the sock´. Here breathes craze without bridle.

DC Larson´s Jukebox Jury (USA), Jan 2019 

Their first releases on vinyl implied some fine reactions among international professional circles.

A prophet is not without honor except in his own town… This is exactly what happened to these brave Don Quixotes of Rock´n´Roll. To be correct: Of Rockabilly, that echo-soaked and unpolished sound which started in the middle of the 1950s at the Sun-records studios, Memphis/ Tennessee, when a young Elvis Presley came through the door.

Very roughly speaking, it´s a wild mixture between so called “black” Rythm´n´Blues and “white” Country-music. It is sung about invitation to dance, about weltschmerz and heartbreak and – more or less directly – sex. All this with the rebellious attitude of the 50s youth movement – often condemned as “youth deliquency”. 

Some parting companion asked Joe Dee & his JetTones ironically: “You just never quit trying, do you?”. There´s no other way to respond as once did Winston Churchill.  And so it came that those 4 guys at their best age are still indulging their passion for honest, hand-made and explicit music. Through good and bad times.

Whole lotta practice didn´t make them worse – and special times like these just seem to bring the best of themselves to light. Youthful and modern like in it´s early days.

No wonder that Joe Dee & his JetTones became one of the most booked bands in Vienna since they´ve invented such a thing as “lockdown”. 

Enough said.

Join it & Shake a leg!