here we go again…


In disreputable juke joints of vintage, where cats rocked in wild manners not allowed at the humble day jobs at which they slaved, throughout the week, bounding rocket-men like this were slapped on the back and pronounced to have `gotten the sock´. Here breathes craze without bridle.

DC Larson´s Jukebox Jury (USA), Jan 2019 

Their first releases on vinyl implied some reactions among professional circles.

A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home. This is exactly what happened to these brave Don Quixotes of Rock´n´Roll. To be correct: Of Rockabilly, that echo-soaked and unpolished sound which started in the middle of the 1950s at the Sun-records studios, Memphis/ Tennessee, to conquer the entire world. 

Very roughly speaking, it´s a wild mixture between so called “black” Rythm´n´Blues and “white” Country-music. It is sung about invitation to dance, about weltschmerz and heartbreak and – more or less directly – sex. All this with the rebellious attitude of the 50s youth movement – often condemned as “youth deliquency”. 

Youthful and modern like in it´s early days.

Some parting companion asked them ironically: “You just never quit trying, do you?”. There´s no other way to respond as once did Winston Churchill.  And so it came that those 4 guys at the best age are still indulging their passion for honest, hand-made and explicit music.

Whole lotta practice didn´t make them worse – and special times like these just seem to bring the best of themselves to light.

No wonder that Joe Dee & his JetTones became one of the most booked bands in Vienna since the last “lockdowns”. 

Enough said.

Join it & Shake a leg!

the great rockabilly-survival (3)


Our mission is easy to understand but seems hard to put into practice.

We said, we did.

Joe Dee & his JetTones were the last rockabillies standing on September 29, 2020 live open air at Wallensteinplatz, Vienna.

Joe Dee & his JetTones were one of the first rockabillies raising again on May 21, 2021 at Louisiana Blues Pub.

Watch out for next dates, at the moment they appear very spontaneously.

We´re not back – we´ve never been away!

Rock´n´Roll is here to stay.

Keeping it alive means keeping it “live”. No compromises.




contact / booking:

Book that real hot and authentic Rockabilly – Band from Vienna, Austria! But don´t hasitate to ask if you want to rock´n´roll somewhere else. We are even ready to go to the stars if you send us one of them rocket-ships.

Buche diese wirklich heiße und authentische Rockabilly – Band aus Wien, Österreich! Aber zögere nicht zu fragen, wenn Du wo anders eine Rock´n´Roll – Party schmeissen willst. Wir fliegen auch bis zu den Sternen wenn Du uns eines von diesen Raumschiffen vorbei schickst.

Listen to that!

the great rockabilly survival (2)


Music is direct communication, is coming together, is sing-along, is resonance, is relationship between musicians and audience, listeners and dancers… and – compared with that –  it´s nearly nothing without the experience of live-music events.

It´s like love-making, the same old but never boring things human beings do since they populate this planet. Digital communication is an additional tool but could never be an equivalent substitute.

So you´ll never see Joe Dee & his JetTones making “online-concerts” but in a near future you could see and feel them making Rock´n´Roll with flesh, blood and bones (and and a lot of other physical and sensual impressions).

Real live in person.