let me introduce you to…


bbGary ´Obass

It might be that he originally came from outer space, but it´s reasonably certain that Gary´O rose from the primordial soup of Vienna´s Revival-Rock´n´Roll and Rockabilly in the 80ties.

d-kopieHarry Hudsondrums, backing vocals

Harry, a multi-talented musician, is known for his energetic live performances, his irrepressible high spirits and charism on stage. His main occupation is playing with the well known Bluesman´s Al Cook Trio. And – fortunately – with the JetTones.

cFritz Weissguitar, sax, steel-guitar

Fritz is bandleader of the “Honky Tonk Barflies” . A musical all-round man with a special hand for Rockabilly-guitar. He was playing regularly, among others, with Al Cook and Little Franky & The Townbeats, and played exceptionally with Andy Lee Lang, Dana Gillespie, Oscar Klein, Jimmy Giuffre and Tony Sheridan.

a1-kopieJoe Dee Restive – vocals, guitar

Even tough he looks more Irish, some say that Joe Dee Restive was born as Giovanni Di Restio in Brooklyn/NYC. Malicious tongues claim that he´s never been in the states and that he “non capisce una parola di italiano.” Joe Dee would be just an artificial name, chosen in remembrance of the original 1950s rockers Joey Dee (& the Starliters), Jody Reynolds and Johnny Restivo. Or is there a connection with a not very complimentary Marines´ slang-word at all? However. “Too much monkey business for me to be involved in,” Joe Dee says, “It´s not important where you come from, but where you are going.”