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We are happy being interviewed by the fabulous “The Unleashed. Das Rock´n´Roll Magazin”. Get it here…

“When we were listening to their disc for the first time (…) we had to make sure that this stuff is indeed from the year 2019 – and not from the good old fifties.” Unleashed Magazin No. 21, 2019 (D).


The latest review on “Psychocouch” about our appearance on the “Schnitzelbilly No.5”-sampler: “JOE DEE AND HIS JET TONES follow with Robot Girl and a sound which comes very close to the roots of the genre (Sun Studios). Singer Giovanni Di Restio alias Joe Dee (…) may has never visited the USA (who knows?), but the music of his quartet sounds much like Memphis.” Psychocouch, Sep 2021.

The latest “echo” of our last year´s record on Boppin´around (NL), 1/2020.

Another way of writing our name: “Joey Dee and hit Jet Tones”. Nevertheless a lot of thanks to the go-getting Unleashed-Magazin again. Unleashed Magazin No. 22 (D), 2019.


Finally we’re mentioned by an Austrian newspaper too, but not ´cause of our music: “Flyer of the week”, Falter (A), 30/19.


Even “if you have set the right speed, with Willy Nilly all hell is let loose (…)​ Dark River is a fine mid-tempo-song, so you´ve got a varied EP.”

Rock´n´Roll Musikmagazin (D), 2/2019

“…more than a hint of Hayride-era Elvis (…) but it is lovingly done and sure to set your foot tapping.”

Vintage Rock (UK), April 2019.


57402331_2029759593818394_1785727404585517056_n“…Sun sound of Joe Dee And His JetTones…”, Vintage Rock (UK), April 2019.

„In disreputable juke joints of vintage, where cats rocked in wild manners not allowed at the humble day jobs at which they slaved, throughout the week, bounding rocket-men like this were slapped on the back and pronounced to have ‘gotten the sock.’
Here breathes craze without bridle.“

DC Larson´s Jukebox Jury  (USA), Jan 2019

Radio-shows (we know about)

La Aventura Americana Radio(E), October 4, 2020.

DJ Ramblin Hoss with Rythm Express No.208 on WPBS-Radio

Keep on listening to Rockabilly Radio too, there might be a high risk of listening to one of our records… like on the “20 Flight Rockabilly Show” with HepCat Matty.

On Doble V Radio 107.9 FM Leon (E) in El Refugio Perdido 29/1/2019.